Welcome to Gesa Membership

Gesa is a membership organization under central government of India of Ministry Of Corporate affairs. Gesa is an independent charity organisation established in 2019 and we are working unregistered from 2011 providing social , practical and educational support to everyone involved in managing to benefit people, society, government

and business .

Gesa is a non-profit organization which dedicated to education , disaster , training safety and security , Engineering ,etc. GESA is not-for-profit, charitable organisation which dedicated to Education, Safety, Engineering, Agriculture and Food, Animal Health and Rights, Children & Youth, Communications & Media, Conflict Resolution, Development, Environment, Family, Health & Nutrition, Human Rights, Indigenous People, International Organization, Labor, Legal Affairs, Narcotics, Drugs & Crime, Peace and Security, Human Settlements, Relief Services, Religion, Belief & Ethics, Science and Technology, Social and Cultural Development, Sports & Recreation, Women`s Status & Issues etc.

Our mission is to lead in National efforts to reduce risk and problem by evaluating economic losses in public and private places throughout the globe .Membership contribution help funds and support to give foundation work as a National voice and resources for people.

At a Gesa member you will resource to support and enhance in public sector .

We rely on the support of our members donors and volunteer as well as in come grant making body and commercial activities such as retail and food outlet to look after the places in our career.

We have 3 division for membership

  • Trained member
  • Volunteer member
  • Fire department member
  • Golden member
  • Platinum member
  • Corporate member
  • Educational member
  • Skill development member


Are you excited to lead your career or Social Activities?

Whether you are students , Organisation, freshers, & well experienced Individual,  we provide you best networks , and information for your improvement.

Join GESA foundation to serve society and communities. To become professional from nothing to something. To lead , to admire of product,  culture & values, improvement, growth, success

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Gesa membership provides multiple advantages including full access to Gesa Sectors in discounted price. Provided services support in many countries to achieve GESA’s mission of developing and implementing multi-site, multinational development. Join the GESA Foundation community today and benefit from belonging to your professional community, develop your knowledge and skills and ensure you and your business are supported to protect your most important asset – people. The list below includes just a few of the benefits of becoming a member of GESA MEMBERSHIP

The members of GESA foundation  – particularly the more active members– are able to build long-term relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We provide best networks to employees.

Education is a key to remaining on top. Stay competitive with competency-based education, events, and research by Gesa events . Members Have Access to a Growing, Global Community.  GESA membership offers the opportunity for all of this and more as the Education and training network worldwide. Continued education and development are crucial in getting to the top of any industry.

The certifications and licenses available in GESA foundation provide a level of prestige and reliability in the minds of member  and employee that is invaluable

One of the key benefits of joining GESA foundation is the ability to support the mission of foundation & possibly influence legislation that effect or company

Candidates information is must require. Foundation generally provides newsletters, email updates & information that helps its members stay on top of recent developments in the field.

Best Practices.
Membership in GESA foundation is vital to learning these practices and performing the best work possible.

Exchange of Ideas.
Communication is Important. Employees had right to share ideas , & to elaborate our company


Aside from all of the professional benefits that are available through GESA foundation,  they also provide an opportunity for members to build friendships and personal relationships that can last a lifetime.

Gesa Membership Discounts on our 

services like :

Gesa Safety and Security ServicesGesa Safety Publications
Gesa Institute Courses
Gesa Engineering and Construction Services
Gesa Jobs and Guidance
Gesa Online Certification
Gesa Seminars and Conferences
Gesa Consulting Etc.
Gesa Community Forums and many more related to public activities.

Member companies are expected to:

  • Promote Step Change strategies and principles
  • Demonstrate visible safety leadership
  • Support site managers and the workforce
  • Encourage effective collaboration by sharing best practice and learning across all industry sectors
  • Work towards consistency and continuous improvement in industry standards
  • Ensure effective workforce involvement and the best use of Safety Representatives and steering groups.


GESA FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP FEES (Annual Membership)    International     India
Trained member $20.00 ₹1000.00
Volunteer member $15.00 ₹500.00


Fire department member $50.00 ₹2500.00
Golden member $35.00 ₹1500.00
Platinum member $75.00 ₹3000.00
Corporate member $120.00 ₹6000.00
Educational member $120.00 ₹6000.00
Skill development member $95.00 ₹4500.00

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