Gesa Institute of Management and Technical Studies is a leading training and career development and educational firm with 10-11 years of experience into  education .Gesa Institute has focused on Accounting and Finance ,Safety and Security ,Aviation and corporate training .We have trained more than 1500+ professionals . Gesa Institute’s methodology revolves around personal and professional growth for all, academic and intellectual advancement, promoting intercultural understanding and respect. Gesa Institute has industry collaboration with Indian companies as well as International companies. Gesa has a group of companies which includes Geotic environment ,Gesa Engineering & construction ,Gesa Institute, Gesa Foundation and more… hence, Gesa Institute values every single contribution that comes along with their scope of work, building itself from the ground up.

Why become Gesa Institute Franchisee?

  • Enjoy Specific Territorial Rights
  • High Revenue Sharing Structures
  • Sales Training, Sales Manual, Specific Lead Generation & Faculty Support
  • Get High Return on Investment, get up to 150% – 300%
  • Expected Returns & Break-Even Period of 1 Year to 2 yearOffer Global Certifications & Short Terms
  • Certifications of Gesa Institute
  • Gesa Institute Certification Recognized by Government of India Under section 8 – Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
  • Partnered with Companies in India and Abroad

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