Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited believes and have confidence in that quality training is an integral part of every employer’s safety and health program. It offers applied onsite safety training with qualified experienced trainers and veterans’ instructors who own immense industry acquaintance abiding by OSHA ordinance.
GESA safety management is committed to offers hands-on, customized, interactive and quality safety training to ensure that your human resource recruits comprehend safety in daily routine life and minimize risk within your organization. We are acquainted with that every workplace fetches its own unique obstacle and safety hazards. Our team aspires to counter those challenges amiably promoting worksite safety, training and management. GESA is convinced that manager’s accountability to hire some for assignment that’s trained, certified, responsible and proficient owing to which the employees need elective, refresher training to execute the work safely. Gesa is here for orientation training assistance to make your employees better.
“Your employees & worker are most valuable asset don’t provide them with the bare minimum or least fulfilling” Give them Training!

GESA offers an extensive range of amenable and interactive or responsive training option. GESA trainings are facilitating at your workplace as well our conference training Centre, ensuring your workplace and for Environmental health and safety training relevant for your working environment. We provide comprehensive training in all areas of safety including customized safety training program with client request and nature of work.
GESA’s expertise preceptors are by defensive background and experienced expert in an array of industry whose concentration is to keep an eye on all facet of protection in the place of work. We render both theory and hands-on practical training and examination at our well-equipped training Centre. Our future goal is to establish our courses with examination globally and genuine certification with membership given to the professionals. We work to make the most of safety programs to minimize risk. We provide the safety training to your workers, your facilities, the community and the environment in order to establish safe and sound work culture. Our training helps your organization to reduce the risk of incident and decrease the expenditure allied with such occurrence.

Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance (Gesa) Private Limited training sessions facilitates some more department in training sector that is:-
• General safety training on various topics
• Employees training topics
• EHS related advanced training
• Other department training provided by (Hindustan Institute of Management & Technical Studies) HIMTS INSTITUTE
Our training programs use pertinent and subject specific topic which are relatable to client’s industry. Upon the request of client, we offer client tailored training on that basis of your workplace. Our Training team offers full series of environment health and safety topics including disaster management at high standard service that places customer satisfaction far above the ground and which would be valuable and immeasurable in society.

To know the customer thoughtful aptitude a mock test will be scheduled after training session, so that our Association should know the quality of training to clear their qualms. We will be offering certification post training with grade obtained in so that organization understands the employer level.
We are new runner with leading trainer to build the best EHS training globally. We provide extensive practice in health, safety and environmental administration to improvise safety policy across the companies. GESA aims to develop the workers and employee to get used to safety not only in organization but in day-day life. We want to be top class training in EHS filled with low-cost range and the best quality standard of safety performance.
To keep your workers, your facility, the community and the environment safe.
Reduce the risk of incidents and decrease the costs associated with such occurrences.
Legislation requires employers educate employees regarding risks and safe handling procedures for hazardous materials and safety hazards present in their workplace.
The Health and Safety Essentials
Develop an Occupational Health & Safety Program specific to your workplace.
Ensure all workers have Training appropriate to their daily work tasks as well as general hazards at your workplace (aligned with OH&S Program).

General Safety Training On Various Topics :
1. Health and Safety at Work
2. Introduction to Fire Safety
3. Fire Safety at Work
4. CPR & First Aid
5. Extinguishing Fires at Work

Employees Training Topics
1. Emergencies on campus – What to Do and How To respond?
2. The Worker’s Compensation Program and Accident Report forms
3. Reporting Incidents (I.E. Spills, Indoor Air Quality concerns)
4. Reporting Unsafe Conditions and Work Practices
5. Warning Signs and Labels – What They mean
6. Safety Data Sheets – What They Are and Where Do You Find them
7. Programs and Practices Applicable to Their Employing department
8. EHS Reviews/Audits for Programs in Compliance with Applicable regulations.
9. The Occupational Health Program
10. No Smoking Inside Buildings or in college

EHS Related Training Programs:
• Accident prevention
• Managing mold
• Wastewater
• Various Environmental issues
• Compressed gases
• Pesticide workers
• Lab Safety for Non-Lab employees
• Storm water management
• Hot Work permits
• Job Hazard & Safety Analysis
• Contractor safety
• Event Safety program
• Crowd Manager program

Other Department Training Provided by Gesa :
• Security – Managers, Officers, It, Gantry Operator, Supervisors, Guards,
• Human Resources – Workers compensation
• Facilities – Wastewater, Water Management Act, Ladders, Hoisting
• Managing Departments – Machine Shop safety
• Risk Management – Driving safety
• Science Center – Animal Safety, Radiation Safety

Our Gesa Institute training workshops provide participants with a Workshops-Training strong framework that allows them to better understand how to build trust in a wide variety of relationships.

Gesa Institute major training topics:
Management & Leadership
Audit and Quality Assurance
Sales & Marketing
Finance & Accounting
Banking & Investment
Human Resource Management
Administrative Support
Public Relations
Professional Development for Women
Project Management
Contracts Management
Procurement & Materials Management
Maintenance Management
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Power, Utilities and Energy
Instrumentation & Process Control
Oil and Gas Training
Information Technology
Health, Safety & Security
Aeronautics & Aviation

These workshops are all interactive and customized for each organization’s particular context. All of our workshops include a mix of lecture, role plays, exercises, and brainstorming sessions with career development. In the two-day workshop, we also set aside time for participants to work with peers and facilitators on problems they are currently facing.

We offer a variety of workshop configurations


Introduction Basic Full Customize course
Half Day(4 hours) Full Day (8 hours) Two Days (16 hours) As per Course