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Gesa Institute of Management & Technical Studies provides highly professional technical courses which plays vital role in the career to develop their skill into which they are passionate. Gesa Institute provides students courses with developing in depth knowledge skills and attitude to pursue a career as professional in the field. A Student at Gesa Institute will find an array of competitive coaching that meets both regional, National and international jobs globally
Gesa Institute is proud to offer you best technical courses with most comprehensive learning experience with a successful career. Technical courses play a major role human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. Skills and knowledge are the engines of economic growth and social development of any country. The India has of the largest technical manpower in the world. This is a creating in balance, as more workforce force required at the lower level. The growing acceptance of Technical courses and expansion of Open University or autonomous University system is also contributing a lot democratic of Higher Education all over the world including India.
Gesa Institute also started some of the programs to start a new career in technical field with authorized certification.

Our some of the various technical courses listed below for different sector of Technical and vocational education:

TECH/DP/01 – Advanced Diploma in Tool & Die making
TECH/DP/02 – Diploma in General Machinist
TECH/DP/03 – Diploma in Jigs & Fixture Maker
TECH/DP/04 – Diploma in Lens & Prism Grinding Technology
TECH/DP/05 – Diploma in Pipe and Pressure Vessels Technology
TECH/DP/06 – Diploma in Structural Welding Technology
TECH/DP/07 – Diploma in Welding Technician
TECH/DP/08 – Diploma in TIG And MIG Welding Technology
TECH/DP/09 – Diploma in Industrial Automation
TECH/DP/010 – Diploma in Carpentry
TECH/DP/011 – Diploma in Industrial Instrument Technician
TECH/DP/012 – Diploma in Instrument Technician
TECH/DP/013 – Diploma in Mechanical Fitter
TECH/DP/014 – Diploma in Plumbing
TECH/DP/015 – Diploma in Oil Mills Processing Technician
TECH/DP/016 – Diploma in Food Grain Mill Processing Technician
TECH/DP/017 – Diploma in Oil & Gas Safety Management
TECH/DP/018 – Diploma in Advanced Diesel Technology
TECH/DP/019 – Diploma in X Ray Welding
TECH/DP/020 – Diploma in Printing Technology
TECH/DP/021 – Diploma in Instructor Training
TECH/DP/022 – Diploma in Hollow Block Making
TECH/DP/023 – Diploma in Electrical Wiring Technician
TECH/DP/024 – Diploma in Screen Printing
TECH/DP/025 – Diploma in Textile Mechatronics
TECH/DP/026 – Diploma in Embedded Systems & Plc Technician
TECH/DP/027 – Diploma in Diesel Mechanism (Statuary & Mobile Engines)
TECH/DP/028 – Diploma in Forklift Driving Cum Maintenance
TECH/DP/029 – Diploma in Electrical Wiring & Electronics
TECH/DP/030 – Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Techniques
TECH/DP/031 – Diploma in Tool & Die Making
TECH/DP/032 – Diploma in Process Control & Instrumentation
TECH/DP/033 – Diploma in Welding Technology
TECH/DP/034 – Diploma in Masonry
TECH/DP/035 – Diploma in Mechanical Fitter
TECH/DP/036 – Diploma in Auto Mechanic
TECH/DP/037 – Diploma in Solar System & Invertor Installation & Servicing
TECH/DP/038 – Diploma in Solar Technology
TECH/DP/039 – Diploma in Senior Solar PCU Technician
TECH/DP/040 – Diploma in Solar Plant & Electrical Technology
TECH/DP/041 – Diploma in Diesel Mechanism (Statutory & Mobile Engines)
TECH/DP/042 – Diploma in Attendant Operator of Chemical Plant
TECH/DP/043 – Diploma in Fiber Optic Technician
TECH/DP/044 – Diploma in Earth Moving Equipment Repairing
TECH/DP/045 – Diploma in Dealers Service Mechanic
TECH/DP/046 – Diploma in CNC Machine Operation (Turning & Milling)
TECH/DP/047 – Diploma in Gas & Arc Welder
TECH/DP/048 – Diploma in Light Motor Vehicle Mechanism

TECH/SB/01 – Certificate in Control Valves
TECH/SB/02 – Certificate in Pumps Operation & Performance
TECH/SB/03 – Certificate in Heat Exchangers (Performance & Operations)
TECH/SB/04 – Certificate in Mechanical Engineering For Non-Mechanical Engineers
TECH/SB/05 – Certificate in Maintenance Technology & Management Best Practices
TECH/SB/06 – Certificate in Process Equipment & Piping Systems
TECH/SB/07 – Certificate in Pumps, Compressors & Turbines
TECH/SB/08 – Certificate in Pump & Machinery Troubleshooting
TECH/SB/09 – Certificate in Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
TECH/SB/010 – Certificate in Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
TECH/SB/011 – Certificate in Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering
TECH/SB/012 – Certificate in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
TECH/SB/013 – Certificate in Materials of Construction for Process Equipment & Piping Systems
TECH/SB/014 – Certificate in Troubleshooting Process Operation
TECH/SB/015 – Certificate in Best Practice in Surface Production Operations Management
TECH/SB/016 – Certificate in Risk Based Strategies for Inspection & Maintenance (RBI & RBM)
TECH/SB/017 – Certificate in Machinery Failure, Vibration & Predictive Maintenance
TECH/SB/018 – Certificate in Heavy Duty Diesel Engine (HDD) Operation and Maintenance
TECH/SB/019 – Certificate in Optimizing Equipment and Facilities Maintenance Programs
TECH/SB/020 – Certificate in Control Systems for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
TECH/SB/021 – Certificate in Design, Operation and Maintenance of HVAC Systems
TECH/SB/022 – Certificate in Calculating the Durability and Fatigue of Mechanical components
TECH/SB/023 – Certificate in Layout and Design of Process Plant Equipment and Piping Systems
TECH/SB/024 – Certificate in Professional Value Engineering
TECH/SB/025 – Certificate in Modern Maintenance Management

TECH/SB/026 – Certificate in Structural Design and Analysis
TECH/SB/027 – Certificate in Assessment of Defects In Concrete Structures and Infrastructure
TECH/SB/028 – Certificate in Damage Assessment and Rehabilitation Of Concrete Structures
TECH/SB/029 – Certificate in Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures Assessment and Repair
TECH/SB/030 – Certificate in Construction Management , Procedures and Implementation
TECH/SB/031 – Certificate in Construction Quality Control on Site
TECH/SB/032 – Certificate in Engineering Materials for Buildings and Bridges
TECH/SB/033 – Certificate in Construction Supervision Skills
TECH/SB/034 – Certificate in Construction Management and Supervising Multiple Projects
TECH/SB/035 – Certificate in GPS General Training and Software Applications
TECH/SB/036 – Certificate in Pavement Design & Construction of Municipal Roadways
TECH/SB/037 – Certificate in Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability
TECH/SB/038 – Certificate in Construction Management
TECH/SB/039 – Certificate in Structural Engineering for Non-Structural Engineers
TECH/SB/040 – Certificate in Welding Design and Metal Fatigue for Structural Engineers
TECH/SB/041 – Certificate in Traffic Signal Design and Operation
TECH/SB/042 – Certificate in Structural Design of Industrial Buildings
TECH/SB/043 – Certificate in Building Condition Assessment
TECH/SB/044 – Certificate in Advanced Concrete Technology for Durable and Sustainable Civil Infrastructure
TECH/SB/045 – Certificate in Design and Analysis of Stormwater Management Ponds
TECH/SB/046 – Certificate in Construction Management
TECH/SB/047 – Certificate in Common Mistakes Owners & Contractors Make That Cause Claims
TECH/SB/048 – Certificate in Flood Control, Land Drainage and Stormwater Management
TECH/SB/049 – Certificate in Successfully Selecting Contractors and Consultants
TECH/SB/050 – Certificate in Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures
TECH/SB/051 – Certificate in Infrastructure Asset Management: A Strategic Approach Toward Sustainability
TECH/SB/052 – Certificate in Foundation Design
TECH/SB/053 – Certificate in Concrete Quality Control on Hot Climate
TECH/SB/054 – Certificate in Hydraulic Fluid Power Fundamentals
TECH/SB/055 – Certificate in Road Design and Traffic Management
TECH/SB/056 – Certificate in Construction Project and Risk Management

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