Welcome to GËSA Marine Courses

GËSA Institute is providing marine courses which are built under the elaborated institution and special bodies of certification into marine stream. GESA Institute is working under Section 8 of Central Government trust between the public and private sectors for the purpose of delivering training services under its own certification as well as International certification.
Gesa Institute provides classroom, online, distance learning and customized courses. We take this wide industry and training knowledge provides outstanding Training Solution for corporations, companies, organisation, foundation and individuals. We work with some of the leading trainers, certification exports, Universities and institutions in difficult providing courses to support you in achieving excellence. Conveniently we are located on the middle of Mumbai in India. Overlooking of the busiest International seaway in the world, we saw that as the ideal location to build the online , distance learning, classroom training and e-learning programs through our institution.
All team compromises experience Former mariners, Offshore managers and learning and competence specialist, supported by a highly experience management team. Innovations is at the heart of everything we do we Pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and flexible value proportion to our customers, delivered at the most competitive overall value packages available in the market and working under corporate social responsibility for below poverty line.
We will always find the most effective way for our customers to train their personal to the required standard whilst minimizing the spend required.

MA/SB/01 – Certificate in Trade and Transport Regulation
MA/SB/02 – Certificate in Marine Salvage Law
MA/SB/03 – Certificate in Maritime Safety Management and the ISM Code
MA/SB/04 – Certificate in Bunkering Operations and Management
MA/SB/05 – Certificate in Naval Architecture
MA/SB/06 – Certificate in Alternative Marine Surveying Techniques
MA/SB/07 – Certificate in Shipping Business
MA/SB/08 – Certificate in Marine Pollution Prevention and Management Essentials of Marine Surveying
MA/SB/09 – Certificate in Dry Dock Planning and Management
MA/SB/010 – Certificate in Marine Consultancy
MA/SB/011 – Certificate in HAZOPS
MA/SB/012 – Certificate in Ballast Water Management
MA/SB/013 – Certificate in Chartering
MA/SB/014 – Certificate in FPSOs
MA/SB/015 – Certificate in Maritime Law and Shipping Contracts
MA/SB/016 – Certificate in Energy Efficiency in Shipping
MA/SB/017 – Certificate in LNG
MA/SB/018 – Certificate in Marine Insurance
MA/SB/019 – Certificate in International Maritime Codes and Conventions
MA/SB/020 – Certificate in Container Terminal Operations & Management
MA/SB/021 – Certificate in Ship Repair Contracts
MA/SB/022 – Certificate in Marine Warranty Surveying
MA/SB/023 – Certificate in Ship Operations
MA/SB/024 – Certificate in Ship Technology
MA/SB/025 – Certificate in Maritime Transport Security
MA/SB/026 – Certificate in Subsea Engineering
MA/SB/027 – Certificate in Vessel Valuation
MA/SB/028 – Certificate in Cargo Surveying
MA/SB/029 – Certificate in Logistics Management
MA/SB/030 – Certificate in Blockchain in Shipping
MA/SB/031 – Certificate in Supply Chain Management
MA/SB/032 – Certificate in Ship Recycling
MA/SB/033 – Certificate in Maritime Fire Safety
MA/SB/034 – Certificate in Marine Coatings
MA/SB/035 – Certificate in Pipeline Engineering
MA/SB/036 – Certificate in Shipping Markets Analysis
MA/SB/037 – Certificate in Commercial Management & Procurement
MA/SB/038 – Certificate in Marine Drilling
MA/SB/039 – Certificate in KPIs for Shipping
MA/SB/040 – Certificate in Offshore Field Development
MA/SB/041 – Certificate in Maritime Disputes & Arbitration
MA/SB/042 – Certificate in KPIs for Ports and Terminals
MA/SB/043 – Certificate in Tanker Chartering
MA/SB/044 – Certificate in Transport Logistics
MA/SB/045 – Certificate in Learning and Development in Shipping
MA/SB/046 – Certificate in Big Data in Shipping
MA/SB/047 – Certificate in Heavy Lift
MA/SB/048 – Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Shipping
MA/SB/049 – Certificate in Maritime Cybersecurity
MA/SB/050 – Certificate in Container Shipping
MA/SB/051 – Certificate in Lay time and Demurrage
MA/SB/052 – Certificate in Maritime Environmental Management
MA/SB/053 – Certificate in Commercial Risks in Shipping
MA/SB/054 – Certificate in Contracting Newbuilding’s
MA/SB/055 – Certificate in Classification and Statutory Surveys
MA/SB/056 – Certificate in Ship Registration
MA/SB/057 – Certificate in Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Seminar
MA/SB/058 – Certificate in LNG Bunkering Training Course, the Med
MA/SB/059 – Certificate in Future Fuels For Shipping Seminar
MA/SB/060 – Certificate in Bills of Lading Seminar
MA/SB/061 – Certificate in General Average Seminar
MA/SB/062 – Certificate in Liquefaction of Bulk Cargoes Seminar
MA/SB/063 – Certificate in V-Tracks Seminar
MA/SB/064 – Certificate in Ship Arrest Seminar
MA/SB/065 – Certificate in LNG Bunkering Training Course
MA/SB/066 – Certificate in Time and Voyage Charter parties
MA/SB/067 – Certificate in Boatyard and Marina Operations
MA/SB/068 – Certificate in Health and Safety in Ship Operations
MA/SB/069 – Certificate in LNG Shipping
MA/SB/070 – Certificate in Marine Insurance Claims
MA/SB/071 – Certificate in Marine Pilotage
MA/SB/072 – Certificate in Marine Salvage
MA/SB/073 – Certificate in Maritime Firefighting
MA/SB/074 – Certificate in Maritime Law
MA/SB/075 – Certificate in Offshore Operations
MA/SB/076 – Certificate in Port State Control
MA/SB/077 – Certificate in Restoration of Historic Ships & Boats
MA/SB/078 – Certificate in Ship Security
MA/SB/079 – Certificate in Ship Surveying
MA/SB/080 – Certificate in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
MA/SB/081 – Certificate in Superyacht Management
MA/SB/082 – Certificate in Superyacht Refit & Newbuilding
MA/SB/083 – Certificate in Superyacht Operations
MA/SB/084 – Certificate in Superyacht Surveying
MA/SB/085 – Certificate in Tanker Operations
MA/SB/086 – Certificate in Technical Ship Management
MA/SB/087 – Certificate in Yacht & Small Craft Surveying
MA/SB/088 – Certificate in Yacht and Boat Building
MA/SB/089 – Certificate in Cargo Surveying
MA/SB/090 – Certificate in Conducting an Inclining Test
MA/SB/091 – Certificate in Introduction to Port State Inspections
MA/SB/092 – Certificate in Introduction Course to Ship Surveying
MA/SB/093 – Certificate in Introduction to the ISM Code
MA/SB/094 – Certificate in Introduction to the Superyacht Industry
MA/SB/095 – Certificate in Marine Incident Investigation
MA/SB/096 – Certificate in Maritime Emergency Preparation & Response
MA/SB/097 – Certificate in Sails and Rigs
MA/SB/098 – Certificate in Superyacht Deckhand
MA/SB/099 – Certificate in Surveying Yacht & Small Craft Engines
MA/SB/0100 – Certificate in Surveying Yacht & Small Craft Systems
MA/SB/0101 – Certificate in Met Ocean Awareness
MA/SB/0102 – Certificate in Maritime Cyber Security
MA/SB/0103 – Certificate in Mini-MBA for the Maritime Industry
MA/SB/0104 – Certificate in Internal Auditor in Shipping
MA/SB/0105 – Certificate in Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

MA/DP/01 – Diploma in Ship and Port Agency
MA/DP/02 – Diploma in Crew Management
MA/DP/03 – Diploma in Small Craft Surveying
MA/DP/04 – Diploma in Maritime Business Management
MA/DP/05 – Diploma in Port Management
MA/DP/06 – Diploma in Marine Accident Investigation
MA/DP/07 – Diploma in Ship Management & Superintendency
MA/DP/08 – Diploma for Harbour Masters
MA/DP/09 – Diploma in Marine Surveying
MA/DP/010 – Diploma in Marine Engineering
MA/DP/011 – Diploma in Maritime Management and Leadership
MA/DP/012 – Diploma in Logistics Management
MA/DP/013 – Diploma in Ship Finance and Vessel Ownership
MA/DP/014 – Diploma in Marine Purchasing
MA/DP/015 – Diploma in Terminal Management
MA/DP/016 – Diploma in Naval Architecture
MA/DP/017 – Diploma in Surveying of Offshore Floating Units
MA/DP/018 – Diploma in Tanker Management
MA/DP/019 – Diploma in Maritime Safety Policies and Regulations
MA/DP/020 – Diploma in Design Your Own Maritime Studies

MA/MS/01 – Postgraduate Diploma in Marine Insurance
MA/MS/02 – PG Diploma in International Maritime Law
MA/MS/03 – LLM in International Maritime Law
MA/MS/04 – MBA in Shipping and Logistics
MA/MS/05 – MSc in Marine Operations

MAND/EX/01 – STCW95-2010
MAND/EX/02 – Oil Tanker Familiarization – Certificate in OTFC
MAND/EX/03 – Chemical Tanker – – Certificate in CTFC
MAND/EX/04 – Tanker Operation – TASCO
MAND/EX/05 – Chemical Operation – Certificate in CHEMCO