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Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies provides you superior quality training with National Diploma qualification. Gesa Institute has knowledgeable and experienced skill trainers which are available to support you in your career and develop with delivering our some of the diploma training courses. We are looking to give the best training not only for certification but develop skills which is beneficial for the industries you are involved with and companies will be keen in their company as a powerful comrade to support workforce.

Our company has high customized learning modules on our courses that cater and develop your own needs. Our services are cost-effective with perfect combination of Fire, EHS and security which we commit to our statement. Gesa Institute has set standards to provide education and develop experience by demonstrated knowledge and increase skills into people

Our courses are comprehensive. Our motive is to provide diploma courses that enable you to grow at levels with valuable certification with essential development in occupational health and safety. Gesa Institute is helping you to inspire, educate and engage the best practice in your field of diploma which you have enrolled. Our extensive range of diploma courses are facilitated by highly qualified safety practices, bring a wealth of knowledge into every courses and to deliver you National approved courses to improvise the traditional practice and knowledge with the latest upgraded and best use of technology and equipment’s.

All the courses are provided onsite, off site and online as per the specifications and need of the industries and companies. All the courses have modules, No. of modules are based on type of courses and hands on training. All courses are designed by the experienced and well-trained certified experts of their respective field. All the diploma and advanced diploma are fully interactive, online audio, video and technology-based training while onsite training is provided with expert’s demonstrator and trainer. All the diploma and advanced diploma are recognized by international, national standards in regulation of OSHA, NEBOSH. All the study material is provided by Gesa Institute online and offline in all formats.

Gesa Institute completely understand the different requirements of each industry and companies so we can redesign our training courses upon the request of the companies to match up the specific needs of the companies with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. All the courses are duration based depending upon the type of courses opted by the companies, industries or individual. Certificate is provided at the end of the courses after the examination.
The final mark sheet of result with recognized certificate is given to the students who passed the examination with minimum passing marks.

The primary objective of these courses is to impart technical education and training in managing safely of list mentioned below. The emphasis is given to understanding the basic concepts of each diploma and post diploma mentioned below. The fundamentals of each courses need to be understood, suggestions and recommendations to improvise the current scenario of industries, the inculcation of upgraded technology with latest feature so as to provide full protection and safety management for all the workforce at the workplace.

Gesa Institute is convinced to offer diploma in safety management for the occupational health and safety program in industries for employers and employees. In our course’s hazards identification, recognition, reporting and addressing of the hazards to higher authorities, preventive and suggestive measures to tackle the emergencies circumstances with minimum loss of lives and properties. The use of personal protection equipment’s at different onsite locations such as Oil and Gas, Offshore, electrical handling, disaster and their management is our top priorities.
Gesa Institute believes in complete application of training and implementation of training in the industries obtained from our diploma and advanced diploma courses.

(Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies) Gesa Institute aims to provide the young generation with recognized bachelor and master’s degree or integrated program to pay off in a better job career with the theoretical knowledge, practical and professional attributes for your successful career. Our main objective of the programs is to develop professional with strong focus to augment conventional into evidence based interdisciplinary practice. Our program is tough, and participants cemented and also expected to interface with the faculty and Co participant through different ways of interactions. With detailed study of the regulatory and legal Framework related to our occupational safety program or other post graduate program which also develop problem solving skills related to identification and mitigation. Gesa Institute have evolved into a composite discipline creating a need of specialist professional who are trained to focus on wellbeing of the workforce. Our objective is to be modernized broad specialty to promote and maintain a high level of training to develop best professional Masters in the society
Gesa Institute will provide you to study compulsory module, which will help you to develop your career. You are required to plan, implement and evaluate a major study for developing your career in workplace, which involves an investigative and development project of professional relevance which is assessed in your syllabus.

Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies aims to give fully sound, environment safe and healthy environment to employers and employees at workplace along with different trainings we also provide International courses with collaboration between Burgan & Akbar academy in fire, safety, environment, security and some other courses mention below.
We also prepare individuals or industries through our courses to achieve their personal career goals and also rendering the industries with best of certified workforce which will industries to move ahead progressively. International educational Courses are Eligible after higher Secondary education (HSE) or post-secondary education. It includes the entire academics program up to the level of Bachelor degree.
Gesa Institute, Burgan & Akbar academy provides multi program in environment health safety and some other technical stream that examines the relation between workplace factors and human health. Student study the subject includes the syllabus given to them through the regulatory affairs the course and resources. We prepare our students to have necessary skills in depth knowledge through our experts and marching towards a sound career, Gesa Institute also counsel and provide placement and proper guidance to our students to catch the right opportunities to get ahead in life with sound career.

Gesa Institute, Burgan & Akbar academy provides the student with the high-quality qualification in the multidisciplinary area, where he/she studies can identify different types of accidents, recognition and basic step to reduce accidents and incidents through developing safety culture. It enables student to work across all sectors as occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. There are continuous demand for such environmental safety and health and fire for such International Courses across all sectors. Our courses include proper classrooms lecture series, audio video, full technology based interactive sessions, practice onsite, case studies of several accidents and preventions as well all inclusive of several project work and test series.

Gesa Institute, Burgan & Akbar academy program offers the opportunity to experience life as health and safety professional. Gesa Institute, Burgan & Akbar academy, believe that workplaces in India is safer as compared to before and still goes on improving, and we believe our professionals should be very keen and critical as specific to their work and for industries with their relevant work. Gesa Institute, Burgan & Akbar academy, Thanks in large part to occupational health and safety professional that developed safety in organizations and in society.
Gesa Institute , Burgan & Akbar academy, professionally helps to develop and implement initiative that improve health, safety and well-being in working environment across every sector using efficient and successful enactment and implementation to enrich and widen their career facets.

Skilled Based Courses

1.    Aerial-lift training:

2.    Asbestos & lead:

3.    Access to Medical Records

4.    Accident Investigation

5.    ADA Title III

6.    Aerial Lift Safety

7.    Anhydrous Ammonia Safety

8.    Arsenic Awareness

9.    Building emergency coordinator(BEC):

·     Active shooter training:

·     Fire extinguisher training:

·     Adult CPR&AED training:

10. Back Safety

11. Basic Company Policies

12. Behavioral Based Safety Basics

13. Benzene Awareness Training

14. Blood borne Pathogens

15. Broken Worker – Working with Difficult People

a.   Technique for rescue using CPR during emergencies.

b.   Ambulance bag CPR

c.    Using an AED device

·     Fire safety for BEC:

·     Local weather hazards:

16. Biomedical waste training:

17. Biosafety:

18. Biomedical waste and Pathogen training:

19. Bomb threat guidelines for building emergency coordinator(BEC):

20. Chemical hygiene plan:

·     Lab staff

·     Principle investigation’s

21. Chemical safety:

22. Confined space :

·     Confined space entry

·     Confined space rescue

23. Construction safety:

24. Carbon Dioxide

25. Carcinogens

26. Caustic Soda Solutions

27. Chainsaw and Power Tool Safety

28. Cold Weather Safety

29. Compressed Gas Cylinders

30. Confined Spaces

31. Conflict Resolutions (HSE)

32. Crane Safety

33. Diver training:

34. Disaster Management

35. DOT Security Part 1

36. DOT Security Part 2

37. Driving Safety

38. Driving Skills

39. Drug & Alcohol – Employee

40. Drug & Alcohol – Supervisor

41. Electrical safety:

42. Emergency action plan:

43. Emergency evacuation procedures:

44. Emergency shelter management:

45. Environmental safety

46. Ergonomics

47. Excavation & trenching safety

48. Electrical Safety – Unqualified

49. Elevated Walking and Working Surfaces

50. Emergency Plan

51. Emergency Response

52. EMS Awareness-Manager

53. Environmental Awareness

54. Environmental Protection Field

55. Ergonomics

56. Ergonomics (V2)

57. Excavation, Trenching & Shoring

58. Eye Safety

59. Fall protection and prevention:

60. Fire safety:

61. First aid:

·     General first aid

·     CPR

·     AED

62. Forklift:

·     Instructor training

·     Driver training

63. Fall Prevention

64. Fatigue

65. Fire Prevention & Safety

66. Fire Prevention & Safety (V2)

67. Flammables

68. Flash Arc NFPA 70E

69. Forklift – Classroom

70. Gas Hazards

71. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) (Assured Grounding)

72. Hazard communication training:

73. Hazardous

·     Material handling:

·     Energy control:

·     Material shipping:

·     Communication:


74.   Hazardous waste:

Chemical, biological and universal waste


Building services

Facilities / vehicle maintenance

75.   Hazcom:

76.   Hearing conservation training:

77.   Heat stress training:

78.   Health care safety:

79.   Hot work:

Awareness training

Supervisory training

80.   Hand & Power Tool

81.   Hand & Power Tool (V2)

82.   Hand, Wrist & Finger

83.   Hazard Aware – Safety & Health Programs BBS

84.   Hazard Recognition

85.   HAZCOM – Chemical Safety

86.   HAZCOM – Chemical Storage

87.   HAZCOM – Globally Harmonized System

88.   Hazcom – Your Right to Know

89.   HazMat

90.   HazMat Primer

91.   Hearing Conservation & Safety [Noise Exposure]

92.   Hearing Conservation & Safety [Noise Exposure] (V2)

93.   Heat Exhaustion [Stress]

94.   Hydro-Blasting Safety Awareness

95.   Hydrogen Sulfide

96.   Indoor air quality training:

97.   Introduction to building emergency coordinator (BEC)training:

98.   Industrial hygiene:

99.   Incident Reporting & Investigation

100. Introduction to HazWoper

101. Introduction to OSHA

102. JSEA

103. Ladders & Stairs

104. Lab Safety

105. Lockout Tagout

Actions & reactions


106. Ladder safety training:

107. Laser safety training :

108. Lockout/tagout:

109. Machine Guards

110. Materials Handling

111. Machine guarding:

112. Manufacturing safety:

113. Near Miss

114. New Employee Safety Orientation

115. NIOSH Workplace Stress Awareness

116. NIOSH Workplace Violence

117. NORM

118. Noise:

119. Lab safety:

120. Observation, Reporting & Closure

121. Occupational Health

122. Office Hazards

123. Office Hazards Exercise

124. Pandemic

125. Personal Hygiene

126. Pinch Points

127. Portable Fire Extinguisher (V2)

128. Portable Fire Extinguishers

129. Powered Industrial Truck Pedestrian Training

130. Powered Platforms

131. PPE & You

132. PPE & PPE Assessments

133. Process Safety Management [PSM]

134. Progressive Discipline

135. Petrochemical safety :

136. Powered industrial vehicles:

137. Radiation safety:

Interdisciplinary program(IDP)

Principal investigation ‘strained

138. Radioactive material:

139. Respiratory protection:



140. Risk management:

141. Reasonable Suspicion for Drug & Alcohol Testing

142. Respiratory Safety

143. Rigging

144. Risk Assessment

145. Root Cause

146. Safe Work Practices

147. Safety & Health Programs – WHY?

148. Safety Attitudes & Actions

149. Safety Housekeeping

150. Safety Signs & Tags

151. Safety Workplace Inspection

152. Scaffolds

153. SEMS

154. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

155. Short Service Employee

156. Silica Awareness

157. Silica Awareness in Oil Field Fracking

158. Slips Trips Falls

159. SPCC

160. SPCC (V2)


161. Safe lifting in the workplace:

162. Safe driving:

163. Scaffolding:

164. Shipping and transport of biological materials:

165. 15-passenger van training

166. Slip trip and fall:

167. Staphylococcus

168. Stop Work

169. Storm Water

170. Stress Management

171. Subcontractor Management

172. Substance Abuse & Accidents

173.  Tools and Equipment

174. Tractor safety:

175. Ten Steps to Proper Drug Testing (Video)

176. Toxic Metal-Chromium

177. Toxic Metals – LEAD

178. TWIC Card Training (HSE)

179. Vibration Hazards Awareness

180. Walking Working Surfaces

181. Warehouse Safety

182. Welding & Brazing

183. Working Alone

184. Workplace Hazardous Materials  System [Canada-WHMIS]

185. Workplace Violence

186. Working at height:

187. X-ray safety:




Diploma Courses

1.    Diploma in fire & safety methods

2.    Diploma in food safety

3.    Diploma in industrial safety

4.    Diploma in Fire technician

5.    Diploma in electrical safety

6.    Diploma in offshore safety

7.    Diploma in fire fighting

8.    Diploma in construction safety

9.    Diploma in environmental safety

10.  Diploma in fire & safety engineering techniques

11.  Certificate in fire & safety engineering techniques

12.  Post diploma fire & safety engineering techniques

13.  Diploma in fire engineering & safety management

14.  Advanced diploma in occupational safety, health & environmental mgmt.

15.  Post diploma in environment safety engineering

16.  Diploma in industrial environmental safety

17.  Diploma in health, environment & safety engineering

18.  Diploma in fire & safety engineering techniques

19.  Diploma in health, safety & environment management

20.  Advanced diploma in fire & industrial safety management

21.  Fire man technician

22.  Diploma in industrial safety

23.  Diploma in construction safety management

24.  Certificate course in fire engineering

25.  Diploma in fire & safety engineering

26.  Post diploma in fire & industrial safety management

27.  Diploma in industrial safety engineering


28.  Diploma in industrial safety & disaster management

29.  Diploma in fire and construction safety management

30.  Sub fire station officer

31.  Diploma in occupational safety & health

32.  Certificate in occupational safety & health

33.  Advanced diploma in chemical plant processing safety & management

34.  Post diploma in Petro chemical process safety & engineering

35.  Advanced diploma in industrial safety(ADIS)

36.  Diploma in industrial environmental safety

37.  Post diploma in hazard analysis critical control point

38.  Post diploma in power plant engineering, safety & technology

39.  Master diploma in occupational health,safety,environment&risk mgmt.

40.  Master diploma in offshore,rig,oil and gas safety engineering

41.  Advanced diploma in occupational safety, health & environment mgmt.

42.  Post diploma in transport of hazardous and dangerous goods by road

43.    Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health

44.    Diploma in Management in Mining Safety

45.    Diploma in management and auditing of occupational health (virtual)

46.    Diploma of Work Health & Safety

47.    Advanced Diploma in Health and Safety

48.    Level 2 Certificate in Health and Safety

49.    Level 2 Certificate in Workplace Management: Violence –

50.    Health and Safety at Workplace

51.    Professional Diploma in Health and Safety

52.    Level 3 Diploma in Health and Wellness at Workplace

Diploma in Occupational Hygiene

Undergraduate Courses

·        Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science Technology

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science

·        Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science

·        Associate of Science in Fire Science Technology

·        Associate in Science in Fire Science

·        Associate of Science in Fire Science

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Technology

·        Associate in Fire Science

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration

·        Associate of Applied Science Degree Fire Science Technology

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire

·        Arson and Explosion Investigations

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Administration

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science

·        Associate of Applied Science Degree Fire Science Technology

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Services

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science-Generalist (Certification and Non-Certification)

·        Bachelor of Applied Science in Fire Science Administration

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science

·        Bachelor Degree in Fire Science

·        Bachelor in Safety Management

·        B.S. in Public Safety and Emergency Management

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management

·        Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Safety Administration

·        Patient Safety & Clinical Human Factors (MSc, PgCert, PgDip – Online Learning)

·        EMBA in Occupational Health and Safety Leadership

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Management

·        Bachelor of Science in Fire Science


Masters & Ph.D. Courses
·        Safety, Health and Environment PGDip / MSc

·        Occupational Health (Policy and Practice) MSc

·        Oil & Gas Structural Engineering MSc (Online)

·        Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention (PRL)

·        Online Masters of Engineering in Fire Protection

·        Environment, Health and Safety (IDL) MSc

·        Global Masters in Mining Safety


·        Safety and Risk Management MSc

·        Occupational Health and Safety Management (in partnership with NEBOSH) MSc

·        Official Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention (PRL)

·        master degree in occupational risk prevention

·        Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management MSc

·        Master of Occupational Safety & Risk Management