Welcome To GËSA Business & Management Courses
Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies is based in India and Middle East region founded in 2012 as a management and Technical training Company for the public and private sector.

Every course in Gesa Institute is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. When you completed course, we provide a course certificate.

At Gesa, we understand that you have a busy life. Please make sure you don’t have to give up your job, your family time or your social life to gain a management qualification with us. Gesa has divided are courses in into sectors like certificate, diploma, degree and master level.

Studying Business and Management courses at Gesa Institute will give you a wide range of valuable learning and skills for of today’s most demanding yet rewarding career path and working environment.

Gesa courses structural allow you to explore features relevant to your chosen career pathway. Our training will develop a broad setup skill and an understanding of international business environment. You will certify with the skills and knowledge to help launch your career.

Our business and Management courses also explodes how organisation operate. They cover core disciplines such as marketing, operations, management and leadership.

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Skilled Based Courses

Public Relations & Communication Skills Courses
1- Strategic Marketing, Brand Management & Public Relations “NEW”
2  – Public Relations Management
3  – Public Relations & Corporate Communications
4  – Managing Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction
5  – Public Relations, Marketing and Internal Communication
6 – Public Speaking and Professional Presentation Skills
7- Successful Business Report Writing 8 – Protocol & Event Management
9 – Business Writing and Internal Communication
10 – Planning and Managing PR Campaigns
11 – Advanced Effective Communication Skills
12 – Advanced Business Writing
13 – Public Relations and Communication Skills
14 – Advanced Public Relations Management
15 – The Art of Impactful Presentation
16 – Public Relations and Exhibition Management
17 – Technical Report Writing
18  – Strategic International Relations Management
19  – Organizational and Departmental Communication
20 – Executive Secretary course
Presentation Skills Course – day Presentation Skills – day
Advanced Presentation Skills Course Public Speaking Course
PowerPoint Presentations Course Storytelling for Business Course Media Training
Pitching for Business
Change Management Course Conflict Management Course Line Management Course
Performance Management Course Project Management Course
Time Management Course Customer Service TrainingLEADERSHIP & PERSONAL IMPACT
Creative Strategic Thinking Course Quicker Better Meetings Course Coaching for Managers Leadership Skills Training Mentoring Training
Negotiation Skills Training Train the Trainer Training Assertiveness Training Business Networking Training Personal Impact Training Stress Management Training Work Life Balance Training Business System
Corporate Administration
Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management Human Resource
Logistics And Supply Chain Management Management With Psychology Construction Management


Diploma Courses

Advanced Diploma In Treasury And Forex Management Advanced Diploma In Insurance
Advanced Diploma In Accounting
Advanced Diploma In Accounting Standards Advanced Diploma In Forensic Accounting Advanced Diploma In Systems Audit Advanced Diploma In Business Finance Advanced Diploma In Financial Engineering
Advanced Diploma In Strategic Finance And Control Advanced Diploma In Investment And Tax Planning Advanced Diploma In Cyber Law
Advanced Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights Advanced Diploma In Environmental Law
Advanced Diploma In Alternative Dispute Resolution Advanced Diploma In International Business Law Advanced Diploma In Securities Law
Advanced Diploma In Banking Laws & Loan Management Advanced Diploma In Hospital Laws & Management Advanced Diploma In Project Management
Advanced Diploma In Export And Import Management Advanced Diploma In Management Of E-Business Advanced Diploma In Global Strategic Management Advanced Diploma In Enterprise Risk Management Advanced Diploma In Marketing Management
Advanced Diploma In Customer Relationship Management Advanced Diploma In Marketing Financial Products Advanced Diploma In Brand Management
Advanced Diploma In Retail Management Advanced Diploma In Marketing Communications Advanced Diploma In Industrial Marketing
Advanced Diploma In Human Resource Management Advanced Diploma In Leadership And Change Management Advanced Diploma In Training And Development
Advanced Diploma In Performance Management Advanced Diploma In Supply Chain Management Advanced Diploma In Quality Management Diploma-program in Business Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Diploma-Program In Materials & Logistics Mgt.
Diploma in Hotel Management
Post Graduate Diploma-Program in Rural Development
Diploma In Operations Management Diploma In Management Control Systems Diploma In Business Economics
Diploma In Business Communication Diploma In It In Management Diploma In Business Ethics
Diploma In Sales & Distribution Management Diploma In Services Marketing
Diploma In Strategic Marketing Diploma In Marketing Communications Diploma In Consumer Behavior
Diploma In Global Business Environment Diploma In Multinational Corporations Diploma In International Business Diploma In Organizational Behavior Diploma In Managerial Effectiveness Advanced Diploma In Ngo Management Diploma In Library And Sciences
Diploma In Event Management Technician Diploma In Insurance Agent
Post Diploma In Foreign Trade
Post Diploma In International Business Post Diploma In Material Management
Post Diploma In Personnel Management & Industrial Relations
Post Diploma In Production & Operation Management Post Diploma In Production Management Control
Post Diploma In Human Resource Management Advanced Diploma In Community Development Advanced Diploma In Guidance & Counseling Advanced Diploma In Welfare Law
Post Diploma In Material Management Advanced Diploma In Law Legislation Welfare Advanced Diploma In Laws Legislation Welfare
Diploma In Logistics, Supply Chain Management And Retail Management
Diploma In Shipping Management And Export Import (Exim) Management
Post Diploma In Logistics, Supply chain Management & Retail Management
Post Diploma In International Shipping Mgmt. & Export, Import Mgmt.
POST Diploma In Retail Management

Undergraduate Courses

BA (Hons) Business And Management
BA (Hons) Business And Management (Top-Up)BA (Hons) Business And Marketing
BA (Hons) Business And Marketing (Top-Up)
Bachelor-Program In Business Administration-(IT)
Bachelor-Program In Business Administration
Bachelor-Program In Hotel Management
Bachelor-Program In Business Administration
Bachelor In Management
Bachelor Of Retail And Business Management
Bachelor Of Applied Business (Management Major)
Bachelor Human Resource Management Bachelor Degree In Economics
Bachelor Degree In Police Studies
Bachelor Of Business Administration (Hons)
Bachelor Of Accounting With Honours
Bachelor Of Business Administration With Honours
Bachelor Of Human Resource Management With Honours
Bachelor Of Management With Honours
Bachelor Of Tourism Management With Honours
Bachelor Of Banking And Finance With Honours

Masters & Ph.D. Courses

MBA Business and Management PG Cert Business and Management PG Dip Business and Management MSc Business and Management PG Dip Business with Finance

MSc Business with Finance

PG Dip Business with Human Resources MSc Business with Human Resources PG Dip Business with Marketing

MSc Business with Marketing PG Cert Project Management PG Dip Project Management MSc Project Management

PhD in Marketing Management
The Doctor of Business Leadership (DBL)
The Doctor of Philosophy (Offshore)
Executive Master- program in Business Administration
Doctorate-Program in Management Studies
Master-program in Management Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in ManagementMaster of Philosophy (MPhil) in Management