Welcome to GËSA Aviation courses
 Gesa is a registered institution in India under Section 8 Central trust with named as Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies Foundation.

Due to increased demand for aviation studies, Gesa institution considered the possibility of offering aviation courses and embarked on a short aviation skilled courses development program to offer in Indo Asian and Middle East countries.

Gesa Institute goals to provide short skilled courses from International aggregations and our own courses of Aviation with practical skills to our students. With the Global demand for aviation courses reaching new Heights, at Gesa Institute we believe that there has never been a better time to choose a career as a professional in aviation industry.

Since 2012, we have trained more than 100 safety professionals in our institution.

Gesa Institute is of the experienced collaborated institution in and Middle East, specializing in many courses including aviation training from different universities and Institutions. GESA Institute is completely operated by experienced Management expertise. With or International collaboration and complete knowledge of Aviation industry, you can confidently make the first step towards your career into our Institution and become a professional in aviation industry. We consider a student as a family and a helping hand for social responsibilities.

Studying at Gesa can often means that student stays at their own country and study the field of courses. We offer a full support to our students, from obtaining a special study and for higher studies in international countries.

Gesa Institute as a collaborated flight training school, is responding to challenge of producing world top class aviation professionals. Gesa institute curriculum merits Global standard those are required by International Civil Aviation organisation (ICAO), the federal aviation administration (FAA)and the European aviation safety agency (EASA) .

Our admission experts are here to help guide you each step of the way. We believe that we are the friendliest and most helpful institution around you.


Skilled Based Courses

Certificate in Airport Passenger Service Aircraft Marshalling and Ramp Hand SUBJECTAREAS
Certificate in Airport Control Authorites Signals with Ramp VR Air Navigation Services
Support Services Certificate Business Aviation Handling and Airline Management
Certificate in Air Cargo Services Fixed-Base Operations, FBO Airline Operations, Quality
Certificate In Aviation And The Certificate Airside Operations – Safety Compliance Airport
Environment – Managing Green Airports Certificate  in Airport Security Operations optimization Cargo
Certificate Airport Fog and Extreme Certificate Aircraft Weight and Balance Civil Aviation Authorities
Weather Operations and Planning Certificate Airport Route Development and Commercial Management Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)
Certificate in Airport Capacity Planning Environment and Fuel
Certificate in Airside Operations Management Fares and Ticketing
Finance and Accounting
Ground Operations
Law and Regulations
Management and Leadership
Sales and Marketing
Travel and Tourism

Diploma Courses

Advance diploma in aviation Diploma in airline and Tourism management Advance Diploma in hotel Management
Advanced diploma in aviation management Diploma in airline financial accounting Advance Diploma in Tourism Management
Diploma in aviation ground handling Diploma in airline ticketing Diploma in hospitality and catering management
Diploma in air cargo and courier management Diploma in airline ticketing and hospitality management Diploma in housekeeping
Diploma in air Hospitality Diploma in aviation Security Diploma in event management
Diploma in air hostess training Post graduate Diploma in Aviation Management Professional Diploma in Terminal Operations
Undergraduate Courses
Bachelor in Aviation Management Bachelor in Airline & Airport Management B.S. in Aviation Business Administration
Bachelor’s Degree in General Aviation Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management Bachelor of Science in Aviation Engineering
Bachelor in Airway Sciences (B.S.) Bachelor of Aviation Management BSc in Aviation

Masters & Ph.D. Courses

PhD Degree in Aviation Aviation Management MBA Master of Commercial Aviation Master of Aviation
Air Transport Management MSc Aviation Security MSc International Tourism and Aviation Management (with internship) MA Safety and Accident Investigation – Air Transport MSc