GESA Training’s focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession. Our Vision To be the leading Institute for developing, certifying, supporting best accountants and financial professionals in business. To achieve this, we endeavor to: Provide best-in-class certification. Support candidate’s career development through, continuing education, valuable , and resources. Support candidates and their organizations in driving business performance by the highest ethical standards for financial management practices.
Building successful careers and organizations requires the ability to rise above shifting business landscapes. At GESA we are pleased to support the journey.
Our trainings are committed to empowering our students, members and those throughout the rest of the profession to strengthen on-the-job skills, better manage companies, and accelerate careers. We invite to discover the myriad possibilities within the profession and build an actionable future in accounting. GESA open new doors and connect you with a global perk of accounting and Finance professionals.
GESA Institute of Finance & Accounting Can gives greater credibility, higher earning potential, and ultimately a seat at the leadership table. GESA advances members professional expertise, and leadership potential, by providing a wide range of resources that offer timely practical knowledge, explore key accounting and financial management practices, and get the essential expertise required for effective management of financial business activities.

Professional certificate in accounting provides students the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in accounting skills and an understanding of the environment in which accountants work.Our entire accounting program is designed for individuals who want to pursue a career in accounting, the certification is a pathway to a more successful business career. that opens doors, builds confidence, closes skills gaps, and professionals around the globe. GESA Institute will tell you, it’s an investment that pays a lifetime of dividends and lets you rise above the competition.
Here are some of the many titles:- Staff Accountant, Cost Accountant, Internal Auditor, Budget Analyst ,Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, Finance Manager Controller, Finance Treasurer Chief Financial Officer Chief Executive Officer

AF/SB/001 – Certificate in Fast Closing Month End & End Accounts
AF/SB/002 – Certificate in Business Financial & Accounting Skills
AF/SB/003 – Certificate in Budgeting & Cost Control
AF/SB/004 – Certificate in Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting
AF/SB/005 – Certificate in Understanding Finance to Influence Strategic Decisions
AF/SB/006 – Certificate in Setting & Controlling Budgets
AF/SB/007 – Certificate in International Public Sector Accounting Standards
AF/SB/008 – Certificate in Strategic Financial Planning & Implementation
AF/SB/009 – Certificate in Treasury and Cash Management
AF/SB/0010 – Certificate in Financial Accounting & Reporting
AF/SB/0011 – Certificate in Financial Risk: Problems Analysis and Solving
AF/SB/0012 – Certificate in Islamic Finance
AF/SB/0013 – Certificate in Cost Estimating
AF/SB/0014 – Certificate in Insurance Principles
AF/SB/0015 – Certificate in Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques
AF/SB/0016 – Certificate in Cost Management, Financial Management, Budgeting and Cost Control
AF/SB/0017 – Certificate in Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting
AF/SB/0018 – Certificate in Financial Management for Projects & Contracts
AF/SB/0019 – Certificate in Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting
AF/SB/0020 – Certificate in Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions
AF/SB/0021 – Certificate in Finance for Non-Financial Managers
AF/SB/0022 – Certificate in the Effective Accountant
AF/SB/0023 – Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
AF/SB/0024 – Certificate in Review Of Financial Accounting & Detecting Fraud
AF/SB/0025 – Certificate in Internal Audit Basics
AF/SB/0026 – Certificate in Financial Management & Auditing
AF/SB/0027 – Certificate in Audit Universe & Process Auditing
AF/SB/0028 – Certificate in Anti Money Laundering
AF/SB/0029 – Certificate in Risk Based Internal Auditing
AF/SB/0030 – Certificate in Financial Analysis (Financial Acumen & Budgeting)
AF/SB/0031 – Certificate in Advanced Strategic Internal Auditing
AF/SB/0032 – Certificate in Internal Audit Advanced
AF/SB/0033 – Certificate in CFO Strategy and Leadership Program
AF/SB/0034 – Certificate in Effective Audit Committees
AF/SB/0035 – Certificate in Budgeting, Planning and Management Reporting
AF/SB/0036 – Certificate in Budget Accounting and Cost Controlling
AF/SB/0037 – Certificate in Claims and Counterclaims Preparation, Analysis, Assessment and Successful Settlement of Disputes
AF/SB/0038 – Certificate in Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting And Budgeting
AF/SB/0039 – Certificate in Procure-Pay (P2P) Best Practices
AF/SB/0040 – Certificate in Budgeting in Telecommunication
AF/SB/0041 – Certificate in Finance for Non-Financial Managers in Telecommunications
AF/SB/0042 – Certificate in Management Accounting in Telecommunications
AF/SB/0043 – Certificate in Financial Strategies & Management for Telecom Executives
AF/SB/0044 – Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals
AF/SB/0045 – Certificate in Reading Financial Statement
AF/SB/0046 – Certificate in Fixed Income Fundamentals
AF/SB/0047 – Certificate in Excel Crash Course Spreadsheet Formulas for Finance
AF/SB/0048 – Certificate in Introduction to Corporate Finance
AF/SB/0049 – Certificate in Math’s for Corporate Finance
AF/SB/0050 – Certificate in Excel Modelling Fundamentals
AF/SB/0051 – Certificate in Financial Analysis Fundamentals
AF/SB/0052 – Certificate in Building Financial Model in Excel
AF/SB/0053 – Certificate in Business Valuation Modelling
AF/SB/0054 – Certificate in Budgeting and Forecasting
AF/SB/0055 – Certificate in FP and Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
AF/SB/0056 – Certificate in Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis in Excel
AF/SB/0057 – Certificate in Dashboard and Data Visualisation
AF/SB/0058 – Certificate in Mining Financial Model and Valuation
AF/SB/0059 – Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions Modelling
AF/SB/0060 – Certificate in Leveraged Buyout LBO Modelling
AF/SB/0061 – Certificate in Corporate and Business Strategy
AF/SB/0062 – Certificate in Financial Modelling Templates
AF/SB/0063 – Certificate in PowerPoint and Pit Books
AF/SB/0064 – Certificate in Advanced Financial Modelling and Valuation
AF/SB/0065 – Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling

AF/DP/01 – Advanced Diploma in Banking
AF/DP/02 – Advanced Diploma in Investment Banking
AF/DP/03 – Diploma in Auditing
AF/DP/04 – Diploma in Financial Markets
AF/DP/05 – Diploma in International Finance
AF/DP/06 – Diploma in Mergers and Acquisitions
AF/DP/07 – Diploma in Financial Management Services
AF/DP/08 – Diploma in Financial Risk Management
AF/DP/09 – Diploma in Equity Valuation
AF/DP/010 – Diploma in Derivative Valuation
AF/DP/011 – Diploma in Debt Valuation
AF/DP/012 – Diploma in Security Analysis
AF/DP/013 – Diploma in Mutual Funds
AF/DP/014 – Diploma in Portfolio Management
AF/DP/015 – Diploma in Financial Planning
AF/DP/016 – Diploma in Commercial Banking
AF/DP/017 – Diploma in International Banking
AF/DP/018 – Diploma in Banking Operations
AF/DP/019 – Diploma in Central Banking
AF/DP/020 – Diploma in Credit Management
AF/DP/021 – Diploma in Bank Marketing
AF/DP/022 – Diploma in Life Insurance
AF/DP/023 – Diploma in Health Insurance
AF/DP/024 – Diploma in Insurance Underwriting
AF/DP/025 – Diploma in Insurance Operations
AF/DP/026 – Diploma in Actuarial Principles & Practices
AF/DP/027 – Diploma in General Insurance
AF/DP/028 – Diploma in Insurance Marketing
AF/DP/029 – Diploma in Accounting & Finance
AF/DP/030 – Diploma in Business – Accounting
AF/DP/031 – Diploma in Payroll Administration
AF/DP/032 – Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management
AF/DP/033 – Diploma in Financial Accounting
AF/DP/034 – Diploma in Financial Statement Analysis
AF/DP/035 – Diploma in Management Accounting
AF/DP/036 – Diploma in Claims Management
AF/DP/037 – Diploma in Insurance Investments
AF/DP/038 – Diploma in Reinsurance
AF/DP/039 – Diploma in Business Law
AF/DP/040 – Diploma in Indirect Taxation
AF/DP/041 – Diploma in Direct Taxation
AF/DP/042 – Diploma in Hospital Laws & Management
AF/DP/043 – Diploma in Banking Laws & Loan Management
AF/DP/044 – Diploma in Business Strategy & Research Method

AF/UG/001 – Bachelor in Accounting & Finance (Hons)
AF/UG/002 – Bachelor in Management Accounting (Hons)
AF/UG/003 – Bachelor in Commerce in International Accounting
AF/UG/004 – Bachelor in Business Management (Accounting) (Honors)

AF/MS/01 – Masters in Global Finance & Strategy (Online / Distance)
AF/MS/02 – Masters in Accounting and Financial Management
AF/MS/03 – Masters in International Banking and Finance (Online / Distance)
AF/MS/04 – Masters in Accounting and Finance Online
AF/MS/05 – Masters in International Business Administration (Distance Learning)
AF/MS/06 – Dual MA / MSc in Finance & Investment (Accounting & Financial Management)