GESA jobs are an online platform for employers to hire high quality talented candidates and for job seekers settle that dream job. We are newly job site in a global world connecting jobseeker with employer looking to hire. Nowadays thousands of new vacancies are listed on every platform from their region.

We serve as a primary source of both local and non-native immigrant all across the region.

GESA jobs founded in 2017, the company has many more services as well with quality and excellence.

GESA is run by 2 directors with professional and diverse background of different industries. We are  of the online employment recruitment sites for helping facilitate the matching and desired job opportunity to employee into this Global world. GESA instantly matches the employees resume to the hiring companies. GESA jobs work with advanced technology using intelligent solutions it present the resume of the job seeker to the relevant employer to get you close to your dream-job.

GESA provides services like resume writing, job posting, response management system (RMS), Applicant tracking, tell and Nerk and job distribution, ETC.