(Gesa Institute of Management & Technical Studies) GESA INSTITUTE aims to provide the young generation with recognized bachelor and master’s degree or integrated – program to pay off in a better job career with the theoretical knowledge, practical and professional attributes for your successful career. Our main objective of the programs is to develop professional with strong focus to augment conventional into evidence based interdisciplinary practice. Our program is tough, and participants cemented and also expected to interface with the faculty and Co participant through different ways of interactions. With detailed study of the regulatory and legal Framework related to our occupational safety program or other post graduate program which also develop problem solving skills related to identification and mitigation. GESA INSTITUTE have evolved into a composite discipline creating a need of specialist professional who are trained to focus on wellbeing of the workforce. Our objective is to be modernized broad specialty to promote and maintain a high level of training to develop best professional Masters in the society
GESA INSTITUTE will provide you to study compulsory module, which will help you to develop your career. You are required to plan, implement and evaluate a major study for developing your career in workplace, which involves an investigative and development project of professional relevance which is assessed in your syllabus.

Our some of the Gesa Institute General Undergraduate Courses are listed below:

GAB/BD/01 – Bachelor in Business & Management
GAB/BD/02 – Bachelor in Science
GAB/BD/03 – Bachelor in Commerce
GAB/BD/04 – Bachelor in Arts