Nazal Ouwer is a Vice-Chancellor of Gesa institute, a prominent business consultant, educational counselor, & educational consultant. He has Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Professional experience in education services. Being a Director of GESA, he is responsible to set up of training and educational services, overall guiding the employees in process planning and anchoring development of the well-built and foremost institute of Geotic Environment Safety and Security Alliance Private Limited.

He has 33 plus years of rich experience to his credit in the field of Educational Process. His areas of expertise include, Project Management, New Business Development, Project Planning, Business Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Performance Management, Creative and Mobilize Work Practice and a lot more. Being an inspiration for many, he has an inbuilt leadership quality and is proficient in Team Management.

He also provides executive leadership. Serving as the principal assistant and advisor to the chancellor in all academic matters, he is indeed an oracle in Public Speaking. In recognition of his services and accomplishments, he subsequently works as a researcher on Educational Processes. Through his International experience, he is a magnificent developer of global partnerships, collaborations, synergies both in research and placements.

Nazal Ouwer has the ability to comprehend and implement the strategic plan of the University. He has also worked in many project and consulting’s apart from his particularize zone.  Beyond doubt he has a wide range of achievement that includes upbringing of newer ideas as well as recollecting thoughts and implementing it in this auspicious field for the well-being of the institution and the society.

Mr. Nazal Ouwer
Vice Chancellor – VC