Welcome to Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies (GESA INSTITUTE)

Gesa Institute of Management and Technical studies (GESA INSTITUTE) was established in 2012 in Kuwait with the aim and vision to contribute the quality and courses which are something different from all other institutes. GESA Institute is presently running their programs in India, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates & Oman in a partnership firm.
GESA Institute is a comprehensive academic institution which offers specialization programs with different types of learning and certification.
GESA Institute is function by GESA Group of Companies. Our GESA Institute focuses on Accounting, Finance, Aviation, Business, Management, Soft Skill Courses, Technical, Health & Safety, and International Certification Courses.
GESA always keep updated educational resources. We are established under section 8 of Central Government in Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
GESA Institute is of the leading proven Multi-Consulting & specialized Professional developments Training Institute. With extensive experience of providing quality infused learning solutions.
We build innovative learning system structuring a smarter way of education & Training’s. Supporting changes and driving growth to every Individuals & Organizations. To build develop customized training programs empowering the needs with innovative and life changing learning experiences, which supports to reach optimal performance results to achieve great success needs of all professionals through the internationally recognized trainings.
We have developed a team of dedicated, Experienced proven Industry Experts Trainers & consultant with subject expertise.
GESA Institute has specialized in providing standard knowledge, tools & techniques to drive their business success. Inspired by quality and excellent trainings. We lead & guide professionals by live examples, motivating to achieve success by mentoring them with our teamwork.
GESA Institute courses are based on the International methodologies, utilizing technology to deliver education effectively and efficiently on a global basis to offer a recognized approach towards the trainings. The strength, energy and reputation of GESA Institute of Management and Technical studies had built into the constant and energetic endeavor to renew knowledge through self-questioning. GESA Institute runs with the aim of providing quality of education which persistently seeks and adopts innovative method to improve the standards and different types of education on a consistent basis. GESA institute have strength of keeping experience and learn it in structure, which are strongly encouraged to nurture of the students.